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Spotted: TX-OK-LA

I saw a T-red SVT on I-35 about 10 miles north of Denton, TX at 7:00ish on my way back from Oklahoma City. It looked like it might have been an E0 from the wheels. There was damage on the driver's rear fender, and the front bumper was broken. Also, the lights were severely hazed and you were driving right behind me after I passed you with your brights (well, only the the driver's side was working) on, on a illuminated interstate. :nonono:
Spotted Brad's old car. Didn't get a great look as it was in the opposite side of the road, but appeared to be missing both jackponit covers on driver's side front and back. We'll have to trace down the owner and see if he wants to head out to our Caprock Canyon meet.
I sent him a PM pointing him to the thread and telling him a bit about it. Hopefully he shows up. I may cringe a little at what has happened to it though...
Good deal! Looked like a nice ride. We were visiting friends there last week. Had some nice weather until the weekend. Funny that you had snow there while we have none left on the ground up here.
Spotted this in Keller, TX

Spotted this in Keller, TX


Crappy cellphone pic but I spotted this SVT at autozone in Keller TX. 2nd SVT contour I've ever seen in my entire life haha.

Anybody on here own this?
LOl! That was me and my wife in her car. The battery died cause the alternator was going out. I remember now how much I hate changing the damn alternator, it's such a PITA!
Ive spotted 2 CSVTs since i moved to killeen, i seen a silver frost that made me sad it looked like crap, this guy doesnt deserve to own one. Then the other day i seen a black one with a spare on the front looked ok just need a bath.
Where are all of my Oklahoma Peoples. I know theres not a whole lot of us, but come on now.