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Offical "Your Car/Your Color" thread.

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  • Offical "Your Car/Your Color" thread.

    Follow these links to find threads, pictures, videos, and general whoring of cars that look just like yours.
    • Have an idea about what YOUR car would look like with tint? Find it here..
    • Want to know what certain rims look like? Maybe someone has them
    • Want a photoshop? Tons of examples and sources!

    Pre-98 only

    Post 98 only

    Silver Frost SVT

    T-Red SVT

    Black SVT

    Tropic Green SVT

    Why no "champagne pre-98 zetecs with power windows but no A/C only" thread? I think you can figure it out. The reason SVTs get their own "color" thread is that there are those specific colors and a limited number of them only. Mass produced Contour/Mystiques came in all colors as evenly (for the most part) and seperating each color by each year would produce multiple "cross sections" of applicable threads. Do you post in 99, or in silver frost? 98, or T-Red? See what I mean?

    There for, SVTs by color... Non-SVTs by bodystyle (thus year) Don't like it? too bad.. :D
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    .99 Silverfrost
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