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Well I got another 98 CSVT! Unsure if it's e0 or e1.


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Oct 17, 2023
Warren, Rhode Island
Hello everyone, just wanted to share I now own two 1998 SVT contours! At least I'm told the one I picked up yesterday is a 98, but I forgot to check the door tag.
Found it via Facebook, the guy is moving to Jersey and his wife told him it had to go. No one made an offer, and I commented since he lived in mass, and I'm Rhode Island so it was close. Never expected him to say come get it for free, or it's getting sent to the scrap yard. So I JUMPED on it as fast as I could.
Car has pre 98 trunk, side exit exhaust, a modified rear bumper cover to delete the exhaust cut outs, a stock rear bumper, a stock front bumper, and one with a Mirko molded to it, as well as a few sets of fogs, new CAI, parts of a weapon R intake, has all BAT struts with eibachs that have 0 miles on them, new clutch, short shifter, SVT focus 17s and OEM 16s, the cupholder insert(already stole that for mine, super excited about that 😂), AND it's 3.0 swapped. Can't wait to dig a little deeper and see if there is more goodies that he couldn't remember.
He did the clutch, drove the car out and blew a brake line, put it back in the garage, covered it, and never touched it again for 7 years. It cranks over but the fuel pump seems to be DOA. Plan is to put my spare areomotive 340 in mine, and take the stock pump from mine and see if I can get it running again. I'm really curious how the car feels with a 3.0 vs the built 11.1 compression 2.5 mine came with.
I did notice some small little differences, the rear doors don't say contour on the little plastic bit by the window, it's just textured. And the gauges look very similar but the font on the coolant temp, gas gauge ECT is slightly different, coolant overflow tank is black with a small window for level, and some other small things.
I am assuming these are differences between an e0 and e1? Still getting to know the ins and outs of these cars, and obviously I'm hooked on just how much fun these little odd ball cars are.


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Wheels are E1 but obviously easy to change.

Are the front brake calipers the same as your other car? On the flip side, does the VIN indicate SVT for sure?
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Wheels are E1 but obviously easy to change.

Are the front brake calipers the same as your other car?
Actually it's on 17 in focus SVT wheels. I did not check the front calipers, but I did get a pic of the door tag which says it was 05/07 and the sticker is on the door. Where with mine it's in the door frame and is 05/98.
I'll have to check the calipers when I swap the focus wheels over to mine.