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SVT Transmission Mount


May 8, 2007
Ford shows different LH transmission mounts (not the roll resistors) for MT and AT Contours. Anchor lists the same part (2873) for both. Anyone know if this (or any other available part) fits the MT cars?
Update - I've pulled the mount, and it's a broken bolt. Does the bolt just screw up into the "mushroom" shaped part that sits on top of the rubber bushing? What I'd assume to be the head of the bolt is gone, with the rest screwed up into the mushroom shaped part - but doesn't immediately want to come out.
That Anchor part is NOT correct for my SVT. However, all it took was a new M12x1.75x50 bolt (I used a grade 12.9 socket capscrew) and the transmission is no longer resting on the A-arm to subframe bolt.

The broken bolt was threadlocked tight in the "mushroom" but a propane torch baked the thread locker and it spun right out.

I did new front struts, bushings and ball joints last year, now that the mount is fixed the front end is blessedly tight and clunk free. The broken mount was causing quite a few disconcerting thunks and clunks as the powertrain shifter around under different loadings and acceleration.