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Internal Trans parts?


Veteran CEG'er
Dec 13, 2014
Anyone have a good source for obsolete internal trans parts?? I am currently having my MTX-75 rebuilt. Ford tells me half of them are not able to be found but I would prefer to ONLY use FORD OEM parts.

Thanks Satya, I have all the parts numbers (Ford printed them out in complete) I am looking for the physical parts themselves... In example, 1-2 syncro Not avail from ford.. Cone Bearing with the Snap ring groove, unavailible.
There are some warehouses that deal in obsolete Ford parts, one that comes to mind is Green Sales Co.

There are a few others, and as I remember them, I'll add them to this post.

You might also try searching part numbers on Parts Voice, I've found obsolete inventory many times through this service.

Ford doesn't keep parts stock in the dealerships much past 10 model years, because only stupid-crazy people keep cars that long :laugh: , and I suspect that time frame is getting shorter all the time.

Synchro assemblies for old Ford front drive transaxles have always been hard to obtain items, if I'd stocked up on synchros for the Taurus SHO MTX-IV gearbag, I could have been selling them for 10X dealer retail. As it is, I have enough MTX-IV new spare parts for me. ;-)

For bearings, consider using Timken. The bearings in your transaxle will all have bearing interchange numbers on them, and if you can cross-reference them at your local Timken supplier, you're getting bearings that are as good as OEM. Sometimes Ford had bearing suppliers make something custom starting with a standard bearing, often these will have a non-standard I.D on the inner race, and unfortunately you're now stuck looking for the proper Ford part because no off-the-shelf bearing supplier is going to have this part. In the past 25 years, I've rebuilt countless MTX-IV's with Timken bearings, never had any bearing failures, and some of these boxes were modified and went in supercharged cars dropping 400HP to the tires.

You might also Google "MTX-75 rebuild kit", and you may find some suppliers with kits listed, but more often what you get is suppliers with a kit in their paper inventory, but they can't get the parts either. Sometimes you get lucky and stumble on a supplier with some actual physical parts on the shelf, so it doesn't hurt to search around and make inquiries.

So Francis, what kind of snow tires did you buy?
I have alot of oem trans internals that i was putting together to rebuilt my trans until I found a brand new never installed trans Pm me the past numbers you need and I will check to see what I have.
Thank u both,

Gmorell.. I am going with Nokian Hakkapelitta's... Check em out..suppose to be "The Best"..seriously..

SVTtour, soon as I know ALL the parts I need I will be in contact :)

Months back and recently a google search only resulted in about two or so off name manufactures, that make a so called "complete" rebuild kit.. it ranged about 350$.. I was leary to trust myself to it due to my LACK of knowledge on this trans regardless how much I read..

I should be getting back a complete list of labeled ford part numbers and circled parts on a physical print out of ALL internal parts..
Then the fun will begin..

Yes I know.. pics!!! ARGH PICS EVERYONE!!! dont worry it will be coming soon to update my build.. I have the engine out, cleaned.. In process of having the trans hot tanked and then sent back for rebuild after I located and aquire all parts.
Ok so if it's worth anything, here is a list of the ACTUAL FORD OEM part #'s that I am searching for..

7107 x 2
7107(f5rz-b) x 2
7025 x 2

These parts are out of the Blown-up picture of the Transmission internals in EVERY piece. these are the Parts numbers that were circled.
From what I am told, and looking at the pics( im NOT a transmission guy) most parts appear to be the syncos, blockers, and bearings.. Which all seem to be correct.

I am supplying the Diff, Slave Cylinder, Any other parts u guys advise to have done while It's out?? I am thinking the Shift forks themselves..for the Fk of it.

Thanks, I am now on the hunt so I am posting this for any help that I might be able to get.