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For Sale FORD SERVICE MANUAL 1995 Contour, Mystique - $15 plus shipping


New CEG'er
Aug 3, 2011
Kansas City, MO
FORD SERVICE MANUAL 1995 Contour, Mystique - $15 plus shipping

Hi all,

Well, after 25 years with my beloved Contour, we parted ways last year. She was built in KC, lived in KC, and finally was donated to a KC jobs/rehab program to hopefully keep running a while longer for someone in need.

I have for sale the manufacturer's service manual for 1995 Contours and Mystiques. This is the reference used by Ford Service Centers.

Used, in good condition, nothing missing that I know of. A little bit of grime, mostly on the cover.
Post-bound. 10" x 11-1/2" x 4-1/2 inches thick. Cover is 1/8" thick solid hard plastic. All pages in good shape.

Asking $15 flat if you can either send me a prepaid mailing label OR pick it up in person in Kansas City Missouri.
It's a heavy book - 10 or 11 pounds by my bathroom scale. A quick calculation on the USPS site shows a shipping cost of $10 or so for slow-but-cheap media mail, depending on exact weight, or $21.90 for a flat-rate priority mail box. I'll work with you to get a precise weight if needed to create a prepaid label.

If you can't send a label or pick it up, then I'll ask for an additional $5 for the effort of standing in line at the post office or UPS plus the actual cost of shipping.

Happy to answer questions or post more photos on request! Thanks for reading. :)


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