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Fog light with parking lights mod


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Jul 19, 2007
Middletown, Pa
Here is a write up on how to make the fog lights work with the parking lights.

Things you will need.

Wire strippers
Razor blade
Soldering iron and solder
7mm socket and ratchet

First of all, you'll need your 7mm stocket and ratchet to remove the pannel below the steering wheel. This will give you access to the fog light relay. Once its out of the way, spot the relay and remove it from the tape that's holding it in place.




Now, locate the orange/black wire. Take a razor blade and shave back the wire insulation like so.

Now, if you take the wire strippers to the top and bottom of your shaving, just squeezing the strippers, it'll allow you to remove the insualtion. Next, find the solid orange wire, and cut it off, leaving yourself about 1"-2" of wire from the relay. Strip back the wire and twist it around the section of the orange/black wire that was stripped off.

Now solder up the wires and tape them up. stick the relay back up in the factory taped location.

The other half of the solid orange wire is NOT to be attached to anything. You can do this mod using the crimp connectors that cut through the wiring insulation, but i dont recommend them. They tend to cut through the wires and make for a poor connection. If you do attact them that way, dont think you dont need to cut off the orange wire, because you'd be wrong. That'll cause the headlights and fog lights to stay on ALL the time.

You are now able to put your bottom dash pannel back on, and you'll be on your way to enjoying your fogs with parking lights :cool:

I decided to give this a try on my project svt, Turned out quite well. I decided to try and do this without the splicing step. I had a few old connectors from my zetec that I took apart and used one of the wire/connection to bridge the relay. I figure this way I can put it back to stock without having to solder anything back together. I did however have to make the connection end fit into the plastic housing.

I have to agree the soldering is the best way to connect the wires. however I have used the quick splice connectors on all 4 of my cars dating back to 2003 easily and have never had an issue with them. Going this way you just cut the orange wire and connect to the orange/black as noted. Its very quick and easy. Make sure to tape off the un-used end of the orange wire as it will still have power when the headlights are turned on. If one ever wants to revert back a butt connector could be used to reconnect the orange wire to itself.

I highly recommend this mod, one of the first things I have done with any new contique that I have gotten.
With this Mod, does it still give you the option to turn the fog lights off and on freely by pushing and pulling on the headlight switch while it is set to parking lights only?
Yea, mine doesnt have that...

I just did this mod on my 99. I had it done on my 98 which I did back in 04 so I had to read your how to again to refresh myself how to do it. I think the 98's are the ones that have the bracket. Also I was reading where some people are having issues with lights not working after they do this. I know myself before I touch any wiring on my car to disconnect the battery. I think this is the reason people are having issues...if you could add disconnect battery as the first thing to do to your instructions.
Yes it does. The only thing it doesnt do is turn off the fog lights with the high beams on.

There used to be a write up on how to do the conversion where the fogs came off with the high beams. I've been searching for it for months with no success. I think it was called "Foglight Mod 2.0" or something
I'm So Glad this mod worked. I went outside this morning @ A Bone chilling 10 degrees in SE Michigan and tried this Mod. This mod worked like a charm. My Fog Light relay was Black taped and My Ride is A 2000 SE Sport 2.5L ATX. Awesome, Cant wait to see how it looks tonight on the way to work! :)
Going to give this a shot tomorrow, seems very simple you just have to be careful not to cut the other wires while stripping a piece of the orange/black wire in the bundle.
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I tried this mod and it worked perfectly now I can have my 10k hid fogs hooked up with my blue running lamps (parking lights) Thanks


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