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Favorite car cleaning supplies for car shows


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Jul 19, 2007
Middletown, Pa
i know this is kinda like my last thread, but here it goes... wat is ur favorite cleaning supplies for getting ur car ready for a show???
1. Mr Clean car wash system
2. Mothers carnuba car wax
3. armoral tire shine (for tires, engine, and underbody if it has undercoating)
4. Simple green
5. Mothers chrome polish (works great on valve covers)
6. Meguires NXT Tech wax for rims/ wheels
7. Armoral original for interior components
Any cheap car wash soap I can find
I think I've been using Meguiar's tire shine, i have a million different ones though
Meguiar's Clay Bar
Optimum Polish / Compound
Zaino has great durability but I'll use NXT 2.0 over it any day.
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Meguiar's #80
Meguiar's #21
Meguiar's #26
Meguiar's Hyper Dressing on Trim/Tires
Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Detailer at the show

All Meguiar's, all the time:cool:
I use a few different things

First is a full line of Stinger detailing products. Not avaiable in stores.
For store bought items i'll use a NXT Wax, A few Meguiars products, ETC
Im still wanting to try Zanio..
adams car wash soap
p21s wheel cleaner
microfiber towls
swissvax autobahn wheel wax
swissvax concorso wax
mothers clay bar
mothers clay bar lube.

Let me add that I dont use any of the expensive stuff on cheap cars like my contour, with terrible paint.
NXT Carwash
Clay Bar
ScratchX (where needed)
Klasse All In One
Klasse Sealant Glaze - 2-3 coats
Pinnacle Signature Series

I'm looking to pick up Zaino soon to have the same effect as Klasse but without the 8 hour setting time.
i use whatever i have handy. i think it's more important to keep the paint clean and waxed on a regular basis than it is which product you use.
i'm the same way with oil changes and maintenance. I change oil religiously on schedule- but i just use standard filter and standard oil. no "super duper snake oil" for me.