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CD4E anyone?


New CEG'er
Nov 24, 2005
Have I got a deal 4 U? I've got a rebuilt CD4E that I was going to put into my 98 Contour, that it turns out didn't really need a new tranny after all.

I did the rebuild myself. I bought all the Ford Rotunda tools, manual, etc. Took me several months to do, given the delays with parts and tools, and just taking my time to do it right. And I relied heavily on rebuilding info found here and in other forums. I've rebuilt transmissions before, although I admit, this was my first ATX, and the CD4E is a real piece of work.

I know I'll never get the money out of it that I put in it, but I'm trying to cut my losses and I'll offer a money-back guarantee that it works. Keep in mind that I rebuilt it for my own use, so, even though I'm not a tranny shop, I went through everything in excruciating detail. It would be best if I could find someone local to avoid shipping costs. I'm in Newport News, VA.

Anyone out there interested? I'm thinking around $1000 is a fair deal.
I think there is a Classified section, more might see it there. I am sure there are many CEG'ers in need of a CD4E.