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Cant get into reverse!


Veteran CEG'er
Apr 27, 2008
Loretto, TN
Well I just bought a 98 SVTC, Didn't really have a need to go into reverse until I pulled it into my driveway. Now its kinda stuck there.

I can shift into every other gear, It just seems like somethings blocking it. When I looked I didn't seem to notice anything out of place. Anyone got any ideas?:shrug:
sorry if im coming off as an ass hole with this but ummmmm you did pull up the reverse lockout before trying to go in reverse?
Lol, Yes right now the center console is out of it, so there is no lock out on it for the moment lol.
ok check your shift cable ends and with as long as that car has sat the syncros might be a lil "stuck" try shifting thru the other gears and then go into reverse and see if that works. Too bad your not closer to me i'd love to give you a hand on the car.
It shifts fine until you get to reverse, Then it just hits a dead stop. I have no idea what it could be.:blackeye:
I know this was a long time ago but did you ever figure out what the issue was? My 99 just started doing the same thing this week. It shifts fine into any forward gear 1-5 but mechanically doesn't let you pull the shifter back into the reverse position. I've not been able to get it in reverse since the problem started.
Check and make sure the shifter counter weight is not getting hung up on the engine harness that is in the same area.
Sorry to bump an old thread but I didnt want to make a new one. My 98 SVT is doing the exact same thing... Reverse started going in and out, would work 80% of the time, then id lose it for a day or 2, then it was more like 50/50, now its completely out, havnt been able to get it into reverse for weeks... And every once and a great while i wont be able to shift into 5th, itll take a few tries... Any more ideas on what it could be? I cant look at the linkage because I dont have any star bit wrenches.. trying to borrow on.. The counter weight isnt getting hung up on anything.