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Axle retaining ring or snap ring

The Contour axle nut is M22-1.5 thread, self-locking, 6S4Z3B477AA, some aftermarket vendors call this NUT-49.
https://www.partsvoice.com/partsearch shows that dealerships in California, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico have stock.
Enter the part number as I typed it, no dashes.
Sorry if I wasn't clear. This is for a Contour SVT. I need the SNAP RING or CirClip that goes on the end of the Driver's side Axle. It's a spring type of C clip that locks the half shaft in place, IN THE TRANSMISSION, not on the HUB end. Thanks, guys!!!
All I can find on this is Interparts SR-20828, stop ring (cir clip), 20.8mm X 2.8mm, but elGoog won't tell me where to buy Interparts SR-20828, suspect they only wholesale to axle rebuilders.
Dealer ?
Maybe there's still an old fashioned axle rebuild shop out there, but the availability of cheap rebuilt axles from China has pretty much killed that business model.
I was just cleaning up some stuff and found one for my '95 Voltour. If it's the same part, then it's W700859-S403 from Germany. Doesn't seem particularly hard to find with the right p/n. Here's one from "Ford Parts Giant."