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1999 2.5 transmission issues


New CEG'er
Feb 24, 2017
Hello, well my 1999 2.5 v6 auto i just bought has an alternator out, so i charged battery and drove it up the block then i put it in reverse to to go back and i put it in drive and its still in reverse the shifter moves freely when i push button and does not change gears at all. So in a panick i reach in and feel the outside of the trans and push something and it bumped forward and i drove it back. So now it wont start im assuming it thinks its in gear or something. So thats that. And also now when i put the thing on the trasmission up or down in different spots it still moves like its in neutral. Am i needing a new transmission or did a cable pop off i dont see anything dangling and i put the shifter in park it wont start like no turning of the engine. I know alternator is bad but it would still turn the engine with my battery low. Any help would be great. Thanks
I found the problem the cable popoed off the transmission popped it back on and it starts and shifts but feels like it will pop off again
I was able to cobble together an assortment of hardware store nylon bushings (to reduce play), o rings, washers and e clips to tighten things up and retain the cable ends. So far so good.

When new, the eye of the cable end has a rubber bushing that pops over the shift input pin. When not new, that bushing opens up or just falls apart.

At one point I used e clips but IIRC my last tweak was just a nylon bush around the pin, a washer to retain the cable and then a snug fitting o ring to keep the washer in place. The pins have a groove or enlarged head (or both?) to give some retention to the o ring or e clip.

The first time mine popped off I was convinced that it was the dreaded shift tower bolt and was delighted to discover that it was just deteriorated rubber in the cable ends after limping home in whatever gear it was already in.

Edit - Oh look I have graduated from "New" status after only 17 years! :)