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99 ford contour SE v6 crank no start, new fuel pump, pump priming.

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  • 99 ford contour SE v6 crank no start, new fuel pump, pump priming.

    Recently replaced fuel pump and fuel filter, I hear it priming in back. Battery, fuses and relay good,
    Plugs are only 6 months old.
    Engine turns over fine but no ignition, strong battery.
    What could this be?

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    Did it run before you changed stuff?

    Whats the PATS light doing when you try to start
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      Fuel pump was working afterwards and I hear it priming still. The path light goes red for about 3 seconds solid and then goes back to its normal status. The fuel filter is new and the spark plugs are only 6 months old.


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        Originally posted by contourguy99 View Post
        ...What could this be?
        It could be fuel, air, or spark.

        Always start by looking at everything you touched since it last ran.
        Doublecheck your fuel system maintenance by checking the fuel pressure at the rail and venting it. it wouldn't be ridiculous to discover that you didn't get a connection tightened correctly and fuel isn't actually making it to the fuel rail.
        Sometimes it takes longer than you expect to fill the fuel lines after they have been emptied so if you haven't cranked it several times, you might consider trying again. I assume you have a return style system which should prime pretty easily but still, if your giving up after only a couple of tries then it might be worth trying a few more times.
        Once your sure you have fuel at the fuel rail, checking for spark is super easy. Get a spark detector from autozone for under ten bucks to do it safely.
        If you have fuel and spark than look for vacuum leaks.

        One last dummy check...don't assume the power system is good because it turns over. Sometimes the battery terminals aren't tight or the battery cables get corroded under the insulation and will pass enough current to turn over but not enough to start.
        Check your terminals are tight and try using a jumper cable directly to your starter to bypass the battery cable to test it.
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          Where is the fuel pump driver module and the inertia switch on the 99 contour se? Also would the fuel pump driver module cause strange intermit start problems?