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98 1/2 - 99 Contour 2.0 Zetec By-Passing the A/C Compressor Pulley

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    I have 40 years on You . LOL
    After I finish the Contour , I am going to tackle the oil pump and check the lower end on our Dodge Maxi-Van .
    Our plans are to meet some members on another forum on there Gold Claim near Truth or Consequences New Mexico in early Sept. , meet up with our daughter in Denver for the Florida / Georgia Line concert on her B-Day .
    Head over to Arizona to camp 9 1/2 mi. out in the Mohave Desert at a Gold Mining Club's Campground while playing another 3 1/2 mi. farther in on there 3800 acre gold claim .
    Spend Christmas with our daughter , fly back to Boston for Dr. visits , then back to Arizona and Leave for home around St. Paddy's Day via. Denver/Utah .



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      As long as belt only flirts with pulley edge it's OK, it CANNOT go over the edge, that frays it and then it wanders even more. Walking is the evidence of too tight tension, the extra lets the belt bite in more to walk since not much guiding belt there. Any fraying then bumps up belt and more friction there too.

      Do NOT re-loosen tensioner and set again, it only reads correct on a brand new unrun belt. The belt loosens a bit in the first ten minutes of use and expected. Readjusting tensioner then for sure is TOO TIGHT. A common mistake.

      Does not matter at all where belt rides as long as it stays off the edge to not fray. Looking for middle of pulley is a mistake. If it goes there fine but if not trying to get it to do so is what DNFs most early fail belts.


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        Hi AMC49
        Thanks for the heads up on the belt , thats what's so great about this forum .
        Just out of curiosity , if you have to remove and re-install a run in belt , where do you set the adjuster it ?



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          Technically according to Ford you probably change the belt....................I would use tensioner again, just backed off a bit more. The belt runs somewhat loose, at least loose enough to trick many into overtightening it. You can actually pull on off the motor with no tools whatever if you are so inclined, I've done it. The VCT allows enough movement to do so. When well into the belt's life, if you stop engine often there is a small amount of slack that gets taken up as soon as engine starts and VCT pumps up.