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  • Duratec Performance - Read First

    FAQ: Where to buy parts

    FAQ: 2.5 "First" / "Common" mods

    FAQ: 2.5 Bolt-on Basics

    FAQ: 2.5 Serious Modifications

    FAQ: Snake Oil
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    2005 GTO IBM - 341hp/341tq
    - Volant intake, JBA catless midpipes, H-pipe, GMM ripshifter, BMR skidplate, HIDs, SAP bumper & grilles, CV8-R taillights

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    "V8/Mustang sound!"
    No cat-back or custom exhaust will give you that sound - it's a V6. There are options to make a nice sounding exhausts.

    Differing exhaust configurations will create different sound outputs. There are a few choices out there, so we've compiled a database of exhaust sounds.


    The SVT exhaust is a single 2.25" to two 2" pipes.

    The SVT resonator is the most restrictive part of the exhaust. A popular modification is to replace the stock SVT resonator with a straight through glasspack or resonator. A popular one is the Magnaflow 10435.

    19lb injectors will support 225-240 FWHP (standard on SVTs), which is sufficient for most 2.5s.

    =SVT UIMs=
    Terry Haines confirmed that the UIMs from all model year SVTs are indeed the same. Ford changed the part #s because...who knows.

    The 5 extra horsepower is a result of:
    - later heads being ported, early not
    - later heads have a revised/added intake port hone
    - .25 compression ratio increase in later years

    Rick Miller from Extrude Hone also confirmed that the UIMs from all model year SVTs are the same.

    =Non-SVT Duratec Performance=
    - One of the most popular exhaust modifications for non-SVTs is to bolt on the SVT exhaust. The only modification needed would be to add a hanger.
    - SVT Lower Intake Manifold (LIM)
    - SVT Upper Intake Manifold (UIM)
    - SVT Throttle Body (TB)

    =Differences 2.5L SVT vs. 2.5L non-SVT=
    As posted by CEGer my csvt

    SVT vs SE differences discussion

    SVT specific features, 6th post

    This is lifted from the 99 model year owners guide supplement:

    -larger front brakes, 10.94" vented front rotors
    -bosch 4 channel, 4 sensor antilock braking system
    -enhanced suspension, 19 mm front stabilizer and 18 mm rear stabilzer
    -unique front and rear bumper covers
    -round foglamps
    -unique mesh grills
    -unique rear valance panel, rocker sill extentions, mesh grill and stainless muffler tips
    -unique wheels
    -special seats front and rear with extra bolstering
    -unique texture door trim inserts
    -svt gauges

    -hp=195 for 98 and 200 @6700rpm for 99/00
    -torque=167 lb/ft @5625
    -redline=6750 soft and 7000 hard
    -10.0:1 compression ratio, increased in 2k to i don't remember what
    -throttle body=60mm
    -70 mm mass air sensor
    -large conical airfilter
    -heavy duty radiator
    -extrude honed uim and heads
    -32 mm lim
    -special cams and pistons
    -18 lbs flywheel
    -19 lbs/hr fuel injectors
    -block mounted water to oil oil cooler
    -quasi dual exhaust
    -special clutch

    Search for: se vs svt, engine differences, svt engine features, svt engine, regular duratec vs svt duratec
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    2005 GTO IBM - 341hp/341tq
    - Volant intake, JBA catless midpipes, H-pipe, GMM ripshifter, BMR skidplate, HIDs, SAP bumper & grilles, CV8-R taillights

    Local CEGers: If you need detailing PM me


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      Here is the results for my research on cams options for the Duratec engine. Enjoy.


      Ford ST220 Cams
      Supposedly these are the same cams in the new Escape 3L's without VVT, however it has not been proven. Mountune and JetStream Motorsports both believe they are not the same, but I don't necessarily believe them.
      Peak Lift: 9.721mm (0.383")
      Duration: 250deg
      Peak Lift: 9.887mm (0.389")
      Duration: 280deg

      Cosworth - Has no intentions of making anything for the V6 Ford engines. They focus primarily on the I4 engines.

      Mountune - Has three different profile cams for the Noble engines. Max lift varies from 11.1mm (0.437") to 12.2mm (0.480"). However these cams will coil-bind stock springs. So their springs and retainers are recommended. Here are the specs for the cams I purchased, which will require you to send in a set of core Mondeo ST220 cams. If you can't provide them they can source some for you (they did for me). When I did this it ran me about $1,600 shipped. Cams run 225 or about $348.48.
      Inlet (p/n: BP285)
      Peak Lift: 11.811mm (0.465")
      Duration: 268deg
      Exhaust (p/n: MMK1)
      Peak Lift: 11.118mm (0.439")
      Duration: 298deg

      Newman Cams - They offer cams for the Noble, however I never received info on the specifics/specs. They are over seas and would require a phone call to get it squared away.

      Cam Motion - Has cores, but nothing developed from the sounds of things. Came to this conclusion working through Futral Motorsports (FMS). Would require you to send your cams in.

      Cat Cams - Currently has a few options. I worked through VAC Motorsports, a US dealer for them to get availability and pricing. After an order it would be about 4-6 weeks. Pricing is ~$1,394. However please note these cams do not include cam gears and you must install your own or have a cam shop do it for you.

      SHOSource - Has ability to provide regrinds. I don't know of anyone running these, but they are a stand up company and have done great work for SHO owners.
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