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  • svtfixer:

    1998 contour svts: # 2354 3l vortech charged taurus/ ? miles soon to be rebuilt and 4594 3l taurus with 7k ?
    98 3l SC #2354
    98 3l #4594


    • Kresnik - 2000 SVT @ 178K* - '05 Sable 3.0L w/42K - 05-28-14

      3.0L block, heads, and timing tensioner. SVT Cams, timing cover & equipment, SVT Intake manifold (UIM & LIM), ported intake w/ Bugzuki plates to match SVT IM && mild exhaust port to remove casting imperfections. K&N warm air intake, headers, and Basani exhaust.

      * The speedometer stopped working correctly around 140K, showing that I was moving at 10mph when it was actually 60mph. Estimated mileage on chassis is over 200K.

      Overall, the swap went off with out any serious problems, though a few headaches such as a very rough start and unable to hold an idle - to be expected of a motor that might have sat for years, as well as a fuel system that remained depressurized for several days. I didn't replace the oil pan gasket or rear main seal since the motor was of such low mileage and looked it inside and out, though I have developed a leak from either/or, right where the transaxle mounts to the block. I'll replace the oil pan gasket first, and if the leak doesn't stop I'll have to pull the motor again. For anyone considering the swap, just replace the oil pan gasket and rear main seal, as well as valve covers, timing chain covers, intake and exhaust gaskets. When moving the SVT oil cooler over, clean the O-ring well in simple green (not a solvent!) and bead some black RVT on both sides of it to help assure an excellent seal.

      Next step will be to rework the suspension.
      Following that, adding a larger throttle body, MAF, welding in a bung for the front downstream o2 sensor, welding in a bung for a wideband, going with a new flex pipe & high flow cat, reworking the EGR to function and get a proper dyno tune.
      Following that, rebuild the oem transaxle with shotpeened gears, LSD, new synchros, and updated shift forks.
      Lastly, major body work to strip & cut away the rust, glass the skirts into the body, spray the underside in rhino liner, and get some nice 18s.

      Build thread @
      2000 SVT Contour, '05 Sable 3.0L with SVT cams, IM & I/H/E
      1993 GT Probe, supercharged & LSD ---- 1998 SubVert Trek 2.0, stock


      • Formulad3: 1998 e1 svt 130k chassis, 78k on 02 taurus 3l= blown

        currently prepping for an 04 taurus motor swap.
        Msds h/y, mf res, mustang gt t/b, custom cold air, svt uim/lim, cams, port matched, bugzuki plates, pro-m maf
        black focus rally rims, accel coil, fr red wires, etc. Etc. Etc......
        Hoping to be back on road in 2-3 weeks!


        • Thomas LaPrade - 1998 svt contour 145k -2003 Taurus 3L 68k, portmatched. 4/20/14 With help from squeek.


          • -1998 SVT Contour
            -175k miles on body
            -34k miles on 04 Taurus 3L
            -Running since 03/04/17

            3L Block, heads and cams
            Port-matched heads
            SVT UIM
            SVT LIM
            Gutted manifolds
            PRT EGR delete
            MFactory LSD
            Fidanza Flywheel
            Sachs Clutch Kit
            Escape Oil Pan and pickup tube
            19lb SVT Injectors

            -Mods Coming up
            MSDS Y pipe
            2.5" Borla exhaust no cats
            NPG True CAI
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            • 2000 SVT Contour
              160K at time of the swap
              unknown miles on motor.
              running since May 2016

              3L Hybrid
              cam regrinds
              MSDS header
              gutted lower intake manifold
              Mustang throttle body
              a/c, power steering, and all tensioner/idler pulley delete
              shaved timing cover
              9lb flywheel
              escape oil pan
              24# injectors
              Quaife ATB

              IMG_9758 (2) - Copy by Mark Hetrick, on Flickr
              00 Contour SVT #1914 BLK/PT
              3L Hybrid, cam regrinds, MSDS, Quaife, NPG CAI, 17x7.5 MSR wheels, Hankook RS3 245/40s, D2s, tubular rear toe arms, BAT rear sway bar, 13" Cobra front brakes, 300mm FSVT rear brakes, CF Evo hood, Mirko. 2900lbs. 213whp/179wtq


              • ^ thanks for keeping this thread alive. I could update the OP some day.
                *CLICK HERE ---> 1995 SE 3L WITH MATCHING TRAILER <--- CLICK HERE*
                30 Contour / Mystiques and counting......