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And the ad says heim joints are bad, it's been my understanding that heim joints are good.

A greased, booted ball-joint will last longer and be smoother and quieter than a Heim (or "spherical rod-end") joint, especially in a dirty environment. However, they're more expensive and good Heim joints can be lined with Teflon or other materials for long life and smooth action. They're also easier to fasten/unfasten since they have a bolt hole, and you don't waste a joint if you crossthread or strip something. They're also harder to work with and find, which is why you often don't see them on custom stuff. I'd imagine in general Heim joints are slightly lighter as well.

But of course, I'm sure you could find a workable ball-joint rod-end from McMaster for our application, if long, quiet, maintenance-free life is important for you. It's probably not if it's a race car, where these parts would be useful, so I don't see any reason to fab some with the better joints.

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