Okay, last-minute decision to go to PIR tonight! A friend of mine called a few days ago and said she hadn't been there for a while, so we're gonna meet there at about 6. I'm not gonna be racing, but I will have my camera if anyone need some live-action still-frame shots. I'll also bring my laptop with the XCal2 tuning software if anyone's interested in checking that out.


98 SVT, Black, No. 786, May 7, 1997. K&N, MSDS, Xcal2, Tint, Antennas, Big Gulp(R)-Sized Cupholder, Rear Dome Lt., Koni/Eibach, DMD, Pre-98 Sails, Brake Cooling Deflectors, Sidemarkers, Etc. 147K+ Miles "Get the Door - It's GrooveNerd!"