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Posted By: ToasterOven how about this - 01/17/06 06:51 PM

anyone used one of these before? they look interesting
Posted By: Hdbngr8 Re: how about this - 01/17/06 06:52 PM
Do a search on that thing - from what I have seen it is a total waste of money. Run the hell away from it!
Posted By: GTO Pete Re: how about this - 01/17/06 06:54 PM
Electric Supercharger
Electric Supercharger
Posted By: Ray_dup1 Re: how about this - 01/17/06 06:55 PM
there IS a viable (albeit EXPENSIVE) way to use an electric super.

Its about 3500 for a setup, requires two new highcap batteries and some caps. charges while driving, lasts like.... 15-20 seconds.. takes 10 minutes to recharge again..

NOT in the viable world of drag racing, or 1/4 time trials, yet, but its proven, and works.

Eram, though...

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