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Vortech build

Misfire fixed, runs good. Need to rebuild the pump :blackeye:

Still need to sort the throttle bracket. How did other st220 people run the bracket?
Well that didn't work out. Oh well. Will go custom.

Was able to resolve fuel pressure and fix the power steering leak.

Found a vaccum leak at the throttle... and my DMD is about ready to fall apart. Might get a Fluidampr but that will lower my peak boost, unless i get a custom made pulley. That will require some more R&D

Hi Beans, sorry i've been AWOL..... just seen your message. I have been chasing another guy for a bracket but no reply yet. The bracket in the link was 20 gbp and i'm guessing the shipping will be the same to send it to you. It pains me as much as you that a stupid bracket ends up costing an arm and a leg. p.m. me .....G.
meh no worries ill just make one

Thanks for the complement Johnga - Its a long time coming. Hopefully i get time to paint it so it doesn't looks a little nicer on the outside.
Oh hey.

It's still running. I was battling a bad power steering rack so i had to rip it all apart a few months ago, that's a terrible job.

The tune is off, and needs to be completely redone with the 90mm Lightning MAF and some fat injectors as i'm maxing out both. Drive-ability right now is mediocre, so i haven't driven it much. Have some new tuning software and hardware this time i'll be using and ditching SCT... My guess is once all said and done it will be close to 400 wheel, but i doubt it will hit it.

Need to clean up a few odds and ends in the enginebay, brackets and things, and the brake booster hose i'd like to change out. The fuel pump upgraded relay is getting hot, and i'm not sure why yet. Also to finish up the fuel cell filler neck, to the oem gas tank neck, some welding/fabrication.

But, most importantly the tune, it needs a few stacks to get done with some dyno time. - I've been procrastinating it as i'm trying to buy a house too.

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Been a minute after dealing with fuel pump issues...Started tuning yesterday running into woes. Here is some pics because everyone likes those.

80MM Lightning MAF > 90MM Lightning MAF IMO anything past 9PSI you should go blow through maf, so take my advise and dont be dumb like me. If i could go back in time i would.:fighting3:

42LB Lightning Injectors to 1000CC (95Lb) Injectors DW Bosch. Super overkill but bought for tuning data.

AEM wideband is being a grade a piece of :censor: and being jumpy as **** with voltage output

and lastly the bypass valve is causing issues with the MAF... so much air is being blasted into the intake side of the supercharger, its messing up the MAF reading, going to attempt to recirculate it closer to the supercharger. (see pic in red)

Taurus rail with modified return using same connector as intake. Keeps fuel in true return.


Had to convert the E1 hardness into EV6/EV11. As EV1 is very difficult to find big injectors for... Took a lot of work to get these in because the connector sits so much lower.

42 vs 95

Ugly mess

Cleaned up

Had to clock the injectors in the lower intake(s) so that the connectors would clear.



Here is 80 VS 90. 4" > 3.5" to Vortech Cobra head which is full 3.5"


Barely fits. Ha.


So here is how my bypass is setup today and where i plan to move the "return" Hopefully that fixes 1 of 2 major problems.

I did have another tuning session last week after relocating the bypass valve and running a Innovate wideband... Car is now significantly faster than it was with the old setup.. Accidental burnouts in 1st, 2nd now feels like 1st gear used to. Still on very mild timing.

Its 75% there. It's choking up top with fuel cut at ~6200 rpm and not entirely sure why yet. I'm not losing fuel pressure, so i don't THINK i'm out of pump as i still have fuel pressure according to the gauge. Can't be the MAF again as i'm on a 90mm Lightning. They should be good for around 500whp in theory...

Some drivability hesitation at cruising, but tuner is trying his best... The scaling needed for these giant injectors and MAF. He's fighting with 1% figures on the MAF curve.

End of last year i had a pretty aggressive alignment done for autox. I was doing some 3rd data logs on some less than ideal pavement, some combination of tramlining/torque steer with the wide tires/camber and toe makes for a very very squirrely ride :shocked: almost filled my pants.:help:
That's pretty awesome that a tuner would still dive into this with you. A lot of the problems you are describing about fuel and hesitation are what guys driving stock ones are having :crazy:
yo ho blu fuz

Seems like the hesitation might just be a symptom of the bypass valve causing turbulence. No way to avoid it, unless i run no bypass valve...

Got a new tune file to upload, need more free time!