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SVT Miata???? is it true?


Veteran CEG'er
Dec 13, 2014
yes my friends it has finally happened.. After about two years and numerous ideas.. I FINALLY found someone that has actually built my dream car..
As some of you know I just recently got down building a Mark 1 MX-5 miata for a Friend of mine.. After some lengthy talks and a few bottles of brew.. I came to the conclusion that the absolute BEST swap for a MX-5 is Fords Duratech V6.. we spoke about this probably 5-10 times staring at my car and starting at his Miata.. and just letting my imagination run wild..

Think about you can retain ALL the handling of the car.. you don't have the destroy half the car to make it fit(unlike a V8).. and 200BHP in a little Miata is MORE than enough to have fun it would give you ALL the power of forced induction with NONE of the lag...Well I was searching around youtube and low and behold!!!
Just watch the whole video.

Essentially its a mx-5 with a Jag 3.0 shoved in it... that sound is ALL SVT tour...and I LOVE IT!!! Im DYING to know how the fk they fit that 3.0 to a Miata 6speed though.. lots of fab work I guess..



Sep 25, 2008
South Lyon, MI
IMO, go LS V8. An all alum LS only weighs like 430lbs. they make almost 400hp easy with a cam swap. or if you really want a v6 a 4.3l chevy makes 200hp and a whopping 270ftlbs but it also weighs 420lbs. either should have a good following in the swap department to make it a lot more affordable/attainable.