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Shift linkage repair


Hard-core CEG'er
Apr 4, 2009
Brownwood, TX
i hope im posting this in the right place. I thought i would share this because i know many have run into this issue before. I understand there arent many svts around anymore but this will also work on any mtx-75 transmission.
In the beginning of the year, i replaced the clutch, throw out bearing and flywheel in my svt. (Pain in the butt, btw) took a while but all went smoothly for the most part. I have been working on replacing tons of parts on this obsolete car. A few weeks ago i just took it down the road to the car wash to give it a quick rinse. (.3 miles) Driving home, the shifter just suddenly became loose and couldnt shift into any gear. Limped home in 2nd. Got under the car and discovered The white linkage was completely gone and only the black piece was left with the rest of the cable. Not knowing what to do i sat on it for a few weeks. I knew i wouldnt find one but figured i would try anyway, so Over the weekend i called every auto wreck yard within a 100 miles from my house. No one had any v6 contours or cougars etc with a manual transmission, obviously. Called a few people i know, nothing. I didnt want to buy a new one because i was told it was going to take a few weeks to get and i didnt want to wait. Plus i would have to buy the entire cable, cant find just the white piece anywhere. And they are pricey. I did some poking around and i found some 1/4” all thread and found a small piece of aluminum in my toolbox so i took an hour or so to make this. Im sure im going to get alot of criticism on this but I assure you that this is much better than the original part and i know it wont fail. The car shifts alot smoother and feels better. Its also a great peace of mind. And it was free.
The first photo shows what i found when i initially got under the car. Sorry i know its hard to see. The second photo is what i did to repair it. Im posting this simply to help anyone who has come across the same issue and isnt sure what to do. Like i said i know there arent many of these cars left but to whoever still has one, and if you dont want to spend a fortune fixing your car, This is a great fix for this issue. If its just your linkage that broke. I hope this helps.


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