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Resonator/Rasp Correction


New CEG'er
Sep 1, 2018

Every person I talk to suggests something different from the last, but would appreciate your Contour oriented suggestions --

I have: MSDS headers > stock (optimized) Y pipe > stock cat > deleted stock res > stock SVT mufflers. Sounds fantastic.
There is minor rasp under load starting near 3k RPM. I want to address the rasp without affecting the sound characteristic.
What do I put where the stock resonator once was? I'm thinking a straight through resonator, one guy suggested a vibrant.

Thoughts? Thanks.
I'll gift a sound clip in return.
Delete the Cat and put a resonator in there is just my immediate thought. Im about to do it. Guess I’ll let ya know how it sounds.
This is a 3.0l with MSDS headers>high-flow Y>Borla single exhaust>Borla resonated tips (the original Borla kit made for our cars). Ignoring my first time on an auto-x course the exhaust sounds clean and throaty all through the RPM range.

Here's the same kit on a stock 2.5l.

I think if you call Borla, or an exhaust company, they can help you find resonators to put behind the tips to help eliminate the rasp.