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New Old Member Will Whitt WWPTV


New CEG'er
Feb 27, 2014
Lakeridge, Virginia
1998 SVT Contour Toreador Red Midnight Blue interior all factory stock. I donated it as it fell to massive problems with the tranny. I am in the market for another one for my son. I used to meet up with Capital CEG back in the early 2000s.


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Are you looking for another red/blue one? as i've only seen red/tan ones, so they maybe fairly hard
to find.
I'm not tied to the Midnight Blue. It was the only one I'd ever seen before. I bought it new back in 1998. It was my first new car. But yes I'm open to any year, color, just needs to run and look halfway decent.
There getting harder to find, most in rust states (North east & central part of the country) are all but gone. Plus the fact
that there past 20 years old & decent body parts are impossible to find , now up here at least.

I went to Virginia to get some rust free fenders for my 98.5 in 2020, guys in junk yard ,thought i was crazy .