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Mx-5 People??


Veteran CEG'er
Dec 13, 2014
Any one into Mazda's Mx-5 Miata's?? They are STUPID fun to play with.. I just got done building one for a friend with a 1.8 swap in a 1990 NA Miata.. I have youtube for those interested,


The car weighs probably 2,350ish and makes north of 145hp.. has Full exhaus/header/ stage 2 clutch/flywheel/PP and was lightened as much as we could.
So no A.c., power steering (has P.S. rack for better ratio, but has been de-powered) Air-bag sensors, fan wiring, cruise control, EVAP, controls an wiring that runs it has been removed and or tucked unless running something NEEDED to operate.

A SVT will eat one in a straight line but up a twisty road, it bows to it. The car carries speed through corners in an almost unearth like fashion, if the car has a limit, and it does, it is very hard to find it on a back-road without scaring yourself first..

Just figured if you guys liked it check it out.

I can say this, if I could get my SVT to hang with this Miata up a curvy road I've done my job well and would be more than happy with how it performs,


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Hard-core CEG'er
Nov 21, 2006
Yeah, the 1.8L DOHC 4-valve Mazda motor is a nice power plant, my wife's old appliance, a 1996 Mercury Tracer LTS 5-speed had that 1.8, and it was a fun little car, even if it was wrong wheel drive. These cars, while badged as Ford Escort GT and Tracer LTS, were built in Mazda's Flat Rock Michigan B&A, and were more Mazda than Ford in terms of build quality and reliability. My wife's Tracer went near 200K miles with minimal maintenance. Over the same period of ownership, I think I fixed 25 things on the SVT Contour for every one thing on the Tracer.

From a handling perspective, you've discovered why Spec Miata (sometimes called Spec Piñata...) has been one of the more popular amateur road race series' of late.

When I was at Ford, I used to borrow a co-worker's early Miata now and then, it was a ball to drive, but I dreaded being next to Suburbans and Expeditions, I felt like a bug about to be squashed.


Jun 1, 2003
Parts Unknown, Weight Unknown
The Miata is a great driving car but it never appealed to me because it is a convertible, the first 3 generations had vague steering on-center and the seats / ride were too harsh. However, when my VW Diesel suffered premature timing belt failure resulting in the engine eating itself, I replaced it with a 2014 Scion FR-S. The FR-S is very similar to the Miata but is a hardtop-only car. The chassis on this car is amazing. I did test drive a 2015 Golf GTI, 2015 Fiesta ST and a 2011 BMW 335D. All 4 cars are great but none of them held a candle to the way the FR-S handles / feels. I did try to find a BMW 128i stick shift to test drive but there were none in the area. The simplist way I can describe the difference between the other candidates and the FR-S is the other cars felt "digital" whereas the FR-S feels "analog". I'll take analog over digital.