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modding single-din to double din


Apr 28, 2011
Algonquin, IL
I was sitting in traffic the other day, irritated that I was without the GPS NAV my previous vehicle had. I began looking at the ughotrim bezel for the radio/HVAC, and felt underneath it, and noticed there is some dead space under there, and the sides of the bezel go down about 2 inches, so I wouldn't be protruding out at all, if not much. I was thinking, with some cutting, plastic welding and/or body filler/epoxy, then paint or finishing, I should be able to expand the radio bezel down to the double din size, though id lose a hair under 2 inches of space above my cupholders. has this been done before? I remember something about relocating the HVAC controls, but I'm not willing to go that way...