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Member Transaction Feedback Rules - UPDATED 4-7-11

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Jul 10, 2000
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For starters this is going to stay very basic & straight forward for the time being.

Rules are as follows:

  1. ALL threads will be the screen name of the person feedback is being left about. If a post has already been created for the person you are leaving feedback about then post in the existing thread.
  2. The feedback recipient is allowed ONE response per article of feedback left. This is meant to prevent drawn out arguments in a public setting... in other words, TAKE IT TO PM's!!
  3. Keep ALL feedback professional. The regular forum rules also apply so keep your emotions in check.
  4. Feedback can only be left about people currently registered & selling items on the CEG. If you purchased something from someone on FCO, NECO, Focaljet, SMF, MEG, etc. good or bad this isn't the place to talk about it!
  5. If you aren't the person that purchased said item/service or the person selling said item/service then you have no business making any post regarding any feedback situation in this forum. DO NOT post on your buddies behalf, this will result in an infraction.
  6. Feedback needs to include specific information about the transaction (i.e. this person bought part x and made fast payment). The following format should be used, items in red MUST BE INCLUDED OR POST WILL BE DELETED.
    What did you buy\sell?
    Did they pay promptly (if applicable)?
    Was the item delivered promptly (if applicable)?
    Was the item as described?

    Additional comments:

Disclaimer: The CEG and/or its volunteer staff is not responsible for any feedback left (positive or negative) by CEG members. All posts are solely the opinion of the original poster(s.)
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