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Fixing the fantastic craplastic shift indicator


New CEG'er
Jul 10, 2005
Of course it broke, how could it not break once the white guide plastic snaps and how could it not break seeing how flimsily made this is.
I am talking of the black piece that slides with the shift lever on the AT and also shows the gear your in.
I used crazy glue, cyanoacrylate mixed with baking soda. It form a tough plastic. Since my repair is much thicker design, it is much stronger than OEM.
I then used a small carbide grinder in my dremel to shape and smooth it to fit back in place.

It is both easy and hard to do, mostly just tediously time consuming, but it did restore its functionality versus just a big cracked out hole.
I patterned the new sliding black plastic off the old one, what was left of it. The source material came from a sheet notebook binder, it is stiff but flexible, and moves with the shift lever.
Of course taking off the shift knob breaks the OD switch wires too, so they will need soldering. Getting the switch out of the handle is easy, it just slips out with some careful prying.
What you need is very long thin wires. Wires that stick down from shift lever about 15 inches to give you enough to easily work with. Wires need to fit around the plastic guiding holders, there are 3 important ones, (one right where the shift lever meets the oval plastic is not so critical, wires there fit into a grooved holder, so they don't get caught in the shift mechanism

So after tediously repairing of the white plastic that guides the black sliding plastic, you have to reattach to the main body. I removed the black plastic glued in pegs that hold the white plastic on, you get a little hole to work with. It is big enough to tap out to #4-40 thread on all 6 of them, and then you can screw in 6 little short screws. I went with 1/4" long ones. But 3 #4-40 by 1/4" bolts on one side will need washers to take up the space, as the 1/4" screws are too long.

But it does work. And it looks good again.
pics, I tried posting direct but said is too large


Mar 18, 2001
Concord NH
pics, I tried posting direct but said is too large
This should be fixed - it will auto resize images now so they meet the file limit. Good work! As the plastic ages, it will become brittle. I'm sure we will be facing more oddball interior issues like this over time.