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finally an awd contour build


Jan 1, 2024
starting this thread off with a few pics of the donor jaguar x type and my contour svt, the jaguar parts car is a 2003 2.5 x type with the rare 5 spd mtx75

first thing was first, i did a full comparison of the cars and determined if the job was even worth it..... long story boring it was
so i started with the jaguars independant rear end removal

screw the jag contour ftw


next was the contour rear end


then the tank and evap


next i fitted the jaguar tank to the contour and remounted the jaguar gas tank straps to the contour403860331_751933680125374_8634354708351045940_n.jpg

then i grabbed the old sledge hammer and banged the spare in temporarily so i could start mocking up the new rails and the subframe404295984_1952631128466876_2551382452239529849_n.jpg


heres a photo of one of the first mock ups


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Wow...lots of work, but very cool power to the pavement option!
Yes lots of work involved but at the end of the day it’s mostly bolt on, the contour rear subframe track arms and the Jaguar track arms both mount identical and the hub to arm mount measurements are identical… the alignment for the rear is very simple. I will be posting the process of doing the swap to the Jaguar front subframe aswell soon just a matter of uploading the pictures. The new mounts get welded on Tuesday..
Wow, all these years later someone is actually going for it? Kudos. I'll be watching. :cool:
I paid $1000 for the X type donor, I think the big issue was that these jags were too expensive back in the day to rip one apart for your contour, it’s very satisfying how all the Jaguar stuff fits I attached photo of the Jaguar rear seats in the contourC3A4EEEA-776E-4241-9B31-61CA11132EE1.jpeg
Bolt right in...I would not have thought Ford used the same subframe for both cars.
The Jag is much bigger width-wise, but that might just be in the body size.
Nice work and effort!
Bolt right in...I would not have thought Ford used the same subframe for both cars.
The Jag is much bigger width-wise, but that might just be in the body size.
Nice work and effort!
Not exactly bolt right in but some things yes
Ok so I washed the Jaguar oil pan and mtx75 and the jeggy transfer case and they cleaned up very nicely, I use gasoline to cut engine grease better than any degreaser…. Ok so here is the dilemma my fellow tourers.. the input shaft on the Jaguar mtx is a tad bit shorter because it has a dual mass flywheel instead of the contour single…. I’m looking at getting a new clutch, flywheel and possibly a limited slip differential for the front…
This is a long shot but does anyone know which aftermarket differential will work here??? The diff housing must be reused to maintain the shaft on it, does anyone know if this will affect the viscous coupler?
I wanted to touch base on how the Jaguar awd functions…
Power is sent from the crank to the ring gear… the differential housing has an extra splined shaft on the case that transfer direct power from the engine to the transfer case which goes the back wheels via driveshaft… the back wheels then Send the power back to the front to the transfer case which sends that to the floating front differential. The front axles are driven by the sun gear that is inside the transfer case..
The mtx has 2 hollow splined shafts that protrude from the diff hole that drive the transfer case, through the middle of these 2 shafts is where the passenger side cv axle rides…


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Ok so a little update on the tour… I decided that the best route for now is to swap over the jag dual mass damper flywheel because the input shaft length is longer on the jag mtx. I’m going to buy a standard replacement luk clutch for this… once the clutch arrives I’ll swap the contour shift tower over to the jag mtx and get the trans reattached to the 2.5… I’m going to get the basic swap completed… power mods later on.. I added a photo of the jag being sent to its grave9B89EDB9-6B92-4253-A5DD-A30E04395749.jpeg
Bolt right in...I would not have thought Ford used the same subframe for both cars.
The Jag is much bigger width-wise, but that might just be in the body size.
Nice work and effort!
I thought the same thing but the major measurements all line up, its exactly the same. insane
Ok so an update on the build…..
Still to do back in the trunk:
1. Shock mounts
2. Fuel cell and related equipment
3. Battery relocation
4. New 3/16 nicop brake lines
jaguar rear end is in and all the new framework is complete aswell as the new mounts and it is bolted up. Thin Aluminum skin going back in trunk floor. Will be doing some more work to clean it up when the cage goes in to tie everything together.
I will get better pics when it’s on the lift for exhaust… it will drive under its own power for that tired of towing this green turd😂
Ok this one is really cool check this part out
I have relocated the alternator to the front of the engine!
No more 7 hour alternator job?
it now resides in place of the ac compressor?
anyways.. had to move it to be able to mount the Jaguar transfer case to the Duratec block.. the transfer case mount also utilizes the oil pan so I have the Jaguar pan ready to install…3013031A-5113-4046-B7B5-55A6C7792B6A.jpeg91CF265F-524C-4967-8FDA-B931A9455B04.jpeg
I have here some photos of the Jaguar front subframe mounted. The front bolts are already in because well it’s a direct fit…haha
The mounts are welded in when it comes to the rear mounts but I haven’t drilled the holes for the bolts yet… doing in the next day or 2!
Also Featuring satya’s crowbar
The front frame rails will get some extra plating when it’s cage time aswell… here’s my progress with the abs delete/ wilwood proportioning valve install….FD6E7507-D97E-4644-B47F-2456E2B79764.jpeg23D2B8BA-36C8-4EAD-9287-078C91872040.jpeg
The last few days I have been focused on making the hybrid contour/Jaguar transmission… my goal was to swap the input shaft from the contour mtx into the Jaguar mtx so that I could run the fidanza flywheel (Jaguar is dual mass) but my tear down was unsuccessful due to the fact that the mtx has 2 versions… early and late… the input shafts are different lengths (flywheel related) the Retios are different and the bearings for the main shaft are also different.. blasé blah I tried pressing the gears this and that swapping ect.. in order for me to get a single mass flywheel I must source a late model input shaft from posssibly an 02 cougar mtx75… lucky for me Terry Haines hints at the dual mass being quite beneficial to a contour… RIP here’s some photos of the process…. Oh and fyi the 5th and reverse synchro in the Jaguar mtx was shot! The roller bearing imploded. (Hence why the prev owner said stuck in gear..) long story boring no wear to the shaft stuck and park type deal… swapped the contour bearing and synchro over and done dada. All new seals and anaerobic splouge…. 16DAC2EB-F528-4FD4-B003-88F57288CACE.jpegE2CF2D8F-D9A2-4C95-B5A6-C8F7F894B708.jpegF48BED26-BD37-45ED-8DCA-FE0D1265F16C.jpeg7BB572EF-B7EA-4249-9A6F-CF00A4C35C0C.jpeg711FD828-D172-4FF8-B06E-32BC3B1EC49A.jpeg1536C114-C76F-4FF0-8D55-924AF220A71E.jpeg76354190-43EA-4793-925F-47081678751B.jpeg


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Also wanted to add… I think the differential style for the jag mtx is the same as the late model mtx from the newer focus… which means I should be able to get a lsd for the front and be able to regear with either a short ratio or more torquing final drive… this is future drama but for now let’s get this thing set for the new record contour quarter mile time.. ha