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FAQ: Interior

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Sep 10, 2004
More to come as necessary

Air Bag Replacement
Air Bag Replacement
Airbag Sensor Mount by DDV

Cabin Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter Replacement - (see also Exterior FAQ for air cowl removal)

Center Console, Shifter and Parking Brake
Center Console, Parking Brake Handle, and Parking Brake Boot Removal
Parking Brake Boot Repair by squeek
Short Shifter Install by KingpinSVT

Clock, 98.5+ recontent with PATS

Passenger Air Vent replacement by Lavell

Doors and Windows
Door Panel Replacement
Removing Door Handles without damaging
LEDs in the door handles
Auto Down Passenger Window

Dome Light and Moonroof
Dome Light / Moonroof housing: Fixing broken tabs
Dome Light / Moonroof housing: Fixing broken tabs by siciliansvt82
Interior plastic mounting tabs fix by CEGer Digital Slacker
Moonroof removal and Syncronization
Moonroof motor/cover pictures/discussion
Moonroof auto-open relay
Hightower Moonroof auto-open relay by hmouta (Relay was supplied by CEGer Chris Hightower)
Moonroof - replace motor with hand crank

Blower Motor Resistor Replacement when fan only works on high by PurpleMystique
Fixing blown motor resistor by offthewallds

Keyless Entry, PATS, Security
PATS Key Programming by BrApple
Keyless remote entry - factory reprogramming
Keyless remote entry installation (aftermarket)
Remote Start / Keyless Entry Installation by ZX2Fast
Hold brights to start car by dyaballikl

Gauges and Steering Cluster
Instrument Panel Lights Removal and Reinstallation by Tony2005
Making your own gauge cluster covers by 98Mystique2
Turn Signal Switch Replacement by ToPassUnnoticed
Air/Fuel Gauge
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