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Dyno Result Database

updated dyno sheet, all mods i got after my first dyno are in bold

Engine Setup:

- 2004 3.0L Duratec engine
- Full oval port swap

Performance Mods:

- MSDS Headers
- stock cat
- 2.5" Magnaflow Exhaust
- stock 3L internals
- 65mm tb vs the old stock 3L tb
- msds y-pipe vs the optimized one
- new autolite plugs
- new motorcraft plug wires
- grounded my coilpack

- 3.5 inch maf filter adapter vs cheep autozone 3 inch

Cooling Mods:

- stock radiator and cooling system
-180* thermostat vs stock

Transaxle Mods:

- clutchnet stage 3 disc and PP vs svt disc and PP
-spec 9lb flywheel vs svt flywheel
-torsen vs pre98 dif

Tuning Mods:

- #24lb Injectors
- livewire
-dyno tuned by ME with sct advantage III vs dyno tuned by fast specialties in vacouver wa
both tuned on mustang dynos

old numbers 199hp 195tq

new numbers
221hp and 223tq

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1999 Contour SVT
Fully built by me with forged rods and pistons
SVT Cams
Water Cooled Turbo 18 psi
Fully built trans with Quaife by Terry Haines (RIP)

474 Ft. Lbs of Torque at only 3950 RPM !


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1999 cougar full 3.0

port and polished heads
taurus cams
st220 intake manis
32lbs injectors
msds headers and y pipe
full magnaflow exhaust with stock cat
65mm TB
custom short ram
dmd pulley
PS delete
A/C delete
torsen lsd (when the car was tuned)
Spec flywheel
clutchnet stage 3 kevlar clutch

tons of dyno time myself

232 whp and 241 wtq. pretty mad low end torque also

Hey I can finally share something here!

2005 Taurus block
2002 Cougar heads
2005 Taurus cams
24# injectors
70mm TB
Max-extrude-honed SVT UIM
Optimized SVT LIM with removed secondaries
EGR delete
IMRC delete MSDS headers & Y
Borla cat-back
NPG-style CAI with K&N filter
Fidanza flywheel

197 hp
204 tq

I would have thought maybe the 210-215 range with your setup, but hey at least you are still in the game! Thanks for sharing.
I would have thought maybe the 210-215 range with your setup, but hey at least you are still in the game! Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, not sure exactly what might be holding it back. The 3.0 is most likely a very high-mile block (digital odometers in the junkyard, so can't know for sure). And my tuner was commenting about the huge amount of MAF turbulence he was dealing with, so that may play a part. Also with the true Borla exhaust, it's a 2.25" pipe; I think I'd certainly pick up a little with a 2.5" exhaust. But I'm totally happy driving it now - it picked up about 25 HP in the mid-range, right at around 4000, which is where I need it on the course.