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Brake problem


Veteran CEG'er
Sep 27, 2000
Pulled the Contour out of winter storage and when I stepped on the brakes it pulled hard to the right every time , Knowing the age of my 'tour I figured a hose went bad and was stopping fluid from returning or a bad caliper. I replaced calipers/hoses both sides at my buddies shop, Everything bleed fine. Test drove it and it pulled to the right again . Called parts store they are getting caliper/hose for that side incase faulty out of the box but me I think it's a shot in the dark.

I have ABS with traction control. My question is does the contour with ABS have proportioning valves/block or does it run through the ABS pump ? I'm wondering if the pressure is uneven and causing that side to stick.

It drives fine and brakes are not dragging just happens when I step on the brake. Any insight from my fellow NECEGer's would be great . Matt , Brapple you out there ??
Still pulls. Put it on my friends computer at his ship. Cycled the abs unit at first front brakes wouldn't cycle but eventually it started . Did a full fluid exchange and teh pump acted up again. Test drove still same results. Ordered NOS pump from Green sales . Car was alignment last year late spring car was fine drove perfect. We checked tires and suspension all good so it's hydraulic related . Hoping new pump assembly works .
Hey.. good to hear from you. Been a long time. There is an unaffiliated group on Facebook where many CEGers remain active - 'SVT Contour Group'. With the casual conversation happening there, this site is morphing into a research resource, and I've been mulling over how we could adapt and cater to that.

Did the new pump work?

I still have my SVT (!) but it gets about 50 miles driven a year, if even that.
Got the pump from Greensales but I just got back from 2wks on the cape so i I haven't had my buddy touch it. I'll get to soon enough . car is stressing me out LOL . 50 miles a year isn't good for the car , seals are eventually going to dry up, fluids go bad etc. one day you might be where i'm at and I drive mine .
car is stressing me out LOL
I know the feeling hah! But it always feels worth it when it's back on the road.

I constantly think about selling it. Likely to happen in a year or two. If we get the bad winter that's being predicted this year then I will want the garage space.