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Auto to Manual swap?


Hard-core CEG'er
Nov 14, 2000
Mounds View, MN, USA
I have someone that wants to bring me a 2000 Cougar with an ATX and a 2002 Cougar with an MTX. They want me to swap the MTX into the 2000 and use the 2002 as the donor car. I know this can be done but I'm not entirely sure if this is an easy swap. I know the subframes need to be swapped, shifter cables, shifter assembly, center console, and clutch pedal. Is there any wiring issues? Do I need to use the 2002 wiring/computer? I'd rather stick with the 2000 if I could since it is a return fuel system which is easier to deal with in my opinion. Does the ATX have the same hydraulic line as the MTX or do I need to pull that out of the MTX car?