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1999 SVT Contour #0212


Feb 27, 2010
Faribault, Minnesota
Picked up this 1999 SVT Contour a few months back.

mods at purchase:
  1. BC Racing coilovers
  2. Borla SS cat back exhaust
  3. Weapon R y-pipe
  4. Black sparco 16" wheels.
  5. Steeda shift knob without reverse lock out
otherwise completely stock.

So far I've added a mustang mach 1 lip, 18" chrome wheels, carbon fiber wrapped mirror bases, sail panels and between the doors, 30% tint and 50% windshield tint, painted IMRC cover, fire burner fog lamps that I also tinted along with the tail lights. Custom grill, hood struts, carbon fiber shift knob, b&m short shifter, painted windshield trim, NOS oem windshield wiper arms.


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More pics


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Looks great man. That front splitter is struggling to fit it appears, but doesn't look bad. Loving the lip spoiler on the trunk though. What is that? Also the smoked lights against the t-red look really good!
I'll get some updated pics up tomorrow hopefully.

changes since last year
  • Terry built trans with ztec final drive and LSD
  • Portmatch 3.0
  • underdrive crank, PS and ALT pulley
  • switched out the dash for one with less issues, but will be searching for a pre-98 dash to use with my pre-98 center council that I'm waiting to install
  • reattached the hand brake boot
  • replaced all the hand brake cables and hardware
  • replaced the borla catback with a Bosal Catback.
  • installed svt focus front rotors on the front with custom brackets
  • new axles
  • MSDS Headers wrapped
  • removed the windshield washer tank
  • new front control arms
  • fidanza flywheel
  • removed the lip on the bumper
It was a busy winter and spring

Upcoming work includes a pre-98 trunk lid with spoiler, pre-98 dash and center council, replace the rockers, repaint the car, replace the tips on the bosal with some not ugly ones., install my Aussie sunshade( just need to redesign the side mounts.)

I do also have plans to put together another engine and trans that's painted nicely and includes head studs, forged pistons and rods to go with a max honed upper, lower and TB i have ready to install.
Your car makes me tingly in the naughty bits. How’s the ride with the coilovers? I’m running H&R springs on stock struts. It has the right stance, but it rides too soft and I either feel like I bottom out the front or my front wheels rub over bumps. My car used to have Eibach springs and it rode about the same, but had the rear sag. The coilovers are just a lot of money to put out. They’ll cost me the same as my paint job.

Also, are those the smoked eBay headlights? They look good.
I've had every variation of suspension that was a available for these cars and the BC Coilovers its on now are the best.

defiantly worth the cost.

the headlights are tinted OEM headlights.

the only available option for headlights on the market are just stock replacements.
I saw a set of headlights on Amazon and eBay that were OEM style but smoked lenses. Literally the only slightly modified set I’ve seen.

Might have to save up over the winter for some coilovers. I’m not totally happy with how my car rides. Plus I still need to replace trailing arm and sway bar bushings.