Hi everyone. I have worked out the sign up process for the Hoerr Racing Products discount program for members of CEG. This will get you dealer pricing from them, and is not just a flat % off discount. This is the real deal.

You must "opt-in" to this program by signing up with HRP as a dealer. Here is the process:

1. Go to http://www.hrpworld.com/store/defaul...nt-application for the online application.

2. Put your name in the "Company Name" field
3. Select International or Domestic
4. Skip down to the Contact Person Name field and enter your name again.
5. Complete the rest of the form with contact and address information.
6. In the field for "what products are you interested in?", enter "Contour Enthusiasts Group" to get included.
7. Prove you are not a robot
8. Submit.

That's it. They'll contact you to complete the process and have your dealer account set up.