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    The trunk actuator (trunk release motor) went out again on my car a few weeks ago. I thought it was the same problem of a worn out trace. Nope; that was still fine. The new problem was a broken tooth on one of the gears in there.

    I went and hit the wrecking yards on Hwy 99 in Lynnwood today and scored a like-new motor assembly for the measly sum of $2.50 (new, the assembly costs around $124.00). Also scored a nice cargo cover for the fiancee's Escort for $6.50.

    If you have a problem with your trunk actuator (on the car!), I can remove it in about 2 minutes. no big deal. Putting it in is not a big deal either, just have to do it in the right order.

    Since it's supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, I'm hoping to install the "new" motor assembly. (BTW--I opened it up and it does, indeed, look like new!)

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    nice find, the first one I had stripped the gear so I got one from a salvage yard for like 30. dollars then when I went pick -a - part shopping I scored one with my power antenna