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Maybe a meet with the NECO people?

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    I think I've already commented on a similar thread, but here goes again...

    I've been active in NECO since 2000, active in CEG since 2003.

    No, the 2 groups aren't just alike, but I think there's a fair amount of overlap. Some of us Cougar owners are into performance, racing, etc. A lot aren't. There are some 'Tours whose only mods are audio... Cougar owners probably do lean more toward show, SVT owners probably more toward go, but there's a lot of common ground in just plain maintaining our aging cars.

    I enjoy both boards and meets of both groups, and I think there are many others who'd enjoy joint meets.

    However, both SZ & CF have LOTS of emotion attached. Yes, they're both going to someday be too small to be practical. But I suspect we'll need to create a Mondeo annual meet to avoid flame wars, event planning tug-of-wars, & worse.
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