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snap ring (wheel bearing)

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  • snap ring (wheel bearing)

    i have a 2000 csvt and ive tried looking up to see what size snap ring it has so i can get some snap ring pliers and ive had no luck. if anyone could help would apprieate it need car fixed asap. sorry for bad grammer
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    for the snap ring it doesn't have to be removed and I either picked it out with a screwdriver or I have a universal Craftsman pliers that does internal and external snap rings. It comes with replaceable tips for straight and angled applications too.

    I did my wheel bearings when I put my 2000 together and there is only one snap ring per side. The outer race must be tight enough that one is used only to place bearing in knuckle. Others have verified this for the new contours (98+?). The wheel hub is pressed into the bearing after it is in the knuckle. The shop book shows a large threaded bolt/jig to place the wheel hub into the assembled bearing. If tearing down press out from the half-shaft side and if the outer race stays behind the trick when I was in forklift repair is to have someone put a bead of weld on the inside of the outer race. When it cools the weld naturally pulls the diameter smaller. I welded on both of the ball bearing raceways and then took a large chisel and hammer and drove it out the front.
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