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  • Aftermarket CD player.

    Hey everybody, I just got my CSVT a couple days ago and there was no radio installed at all, just a bunch of cut wires. I traced all the speaker wires to a harness near the factory amp to bypass it, but where I am getting hung up is the power wires. I got the ground and switched wire no problem, but the constant doesn't have any power going to it at all. I checked the radio fuse and it was fine.

    When I turn the car on the radio turns on, but the memory is all reset. Does anyone have any ideas what would be causing this to happen? It wouldn't be the worst but I really would like to just hop into my car and have it ready to go and not spend 5 minutes changing all the settings.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Its probably the ghost in the dash harness.. This platform has a lot of problems with wiring but this is a easy fix. This is the "kiss" method (keep it simple stupid) Run a 18 gauge wire with a inline fuse from your positive terminal on your battery through the rubber grommet in the firewall to the +constant (usually yellow) on your radio. =)
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      Well, I got it all sorted out... Seems I must have had something wired up wrong, I disconnected everything and double checked using a volt meter, and re attached the power/ground connections this afternoon. So nice to have a working radio again.