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  • Ksports spring modifications

    I haven't seen a thread where someone has tried to do this. I installed a full Ksports kit because I wanted adjustability both in height and because these are 36-way adjustable - much more than, say, Koni yellows. I knew full well the ride quality would be stiff, but was hoping the canned advertisements stating the ride quality could be "OEM" on full soft would at least be somewhat accurate. I was wrong. I want decent ride quality for DD use, which for me is about 90% of my driving time, but that would still do well on the track or, at the very least, when putting her through the paces on a nice twisty mountain road. So, after a rather long search, I've located a company that will make me a set of custom-matching springs to retrofit with no perch mods necessary. Just R & R! Estimated cost of the front/rear sets is $500 - about twice the norm but still doable for my budget. If anyone else is interested in a set, or maybe in doing a group buy, post here or on the facebook CSVT site now BEFORE I order. In this way, maybe they will drop the price a little. For the most part though I just want to add this to the database in case anyone else could use the info some day. I will add to this thread as this final stage of my suspension build progresses and then finally comes to a close. Wish me luck. All I want is the "perfect" (by my standards) combination of ride quality and adjustability (lol).
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