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  1. Do not cross post your item in multiple areas. Cross posts will be deleted and the user will receive an infraction.
  2. Replies should be relevant to the item. Do not chatter.
    EXAMPLES: If I were closer, I'd buy it; GLWS; If you decide to ship it, I want it; If you decide to part it, let me know; I've seen this car in person.
    Relevant replies include questions like: Will this fit my SE?; Is that a broken tab?; How many miles?.
  3. After an agreement has been made, all shipping talk should be via PM. You may put shipping options in the original post.
  4. Do not post negative comments about an item. If somebody wants $20k from a Contour, let them try.
  5. Bumping: After two weeks (14 days), you may post "Bump" to bump your item back to the top. If you bump before the two week period, the bump will be deleted, and you will get a warning. Do it a second time, your thread will be deleted and you will get an infraction. Information updates, price changes, etc. are allowed.
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Transmission ’95 MTX

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  • WTB: Want to Buy Transmission ’95 MTX

    WTB transmission for '95 Contour SE (MTX, 2.5L). Believe '95-97 2.5L Contour/Mystique (rod shift) is compatible. Dreaming... maybe there’s even a rebuild done by our late, esteemed Terry Haines (RIP) still out there somewhere, seeking a car. Had a '95 SE since '98, so hope to keep it rolling (Seattle area).
    '95 Tour SE MTX, red, "Cherry Ferret" (hit & totalled while parked @ 48K) :(...
    '95 Tour SE MTX, red, "Ferret II" (got @ 34K & going strong @106K)
    '96 Mystique LS 2.5 MTX, willow frost pearl (or medium opal?), "Merlina", 58K

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    My old built 95 trans is out there somewhere. I sold it about 5 years ago......
    30 Contour / Mystiques and counting......


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      Thank you! You never know when something might resurface.
      '95 Tour SE MTX, red, "Cherry Ferret" (hit & totalled while parked @ 48K) :(...
      '95 Tour SE MTX, red, "Ferret II" (got @ 34K & going strong @106K)
      '96 Mystique LS 2.5 MTX, willow frost pearl (or medium opal?), "Merlina", 58K