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walmart platinum burner install how-to and walkthrough

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  • walmart platinum burner install how-to and walkthrough

    Step 1: Removing the weather shield. Remove weather shield from bottom of car by removing the 9 torx screws and washers, and then pulling off. 5 are under the car, and there are 2 in each wheel well.

    Step 2: Removing the factory fog lamps and mounting assembly. Refer to picture to see whole unit to get an idea of where the screws are. With the weather shield removed, you should be able to see both fog lamps from under the car clearly. Start by disconnecting the plugs(I prefer to do one lamp at a time, start to finish, then start the next one, but that's just me). Next, remove the two push pins on the bottom half of the mounting unit. With those off, the only thing left securing the top half, which holds the lamp itself, is the top screw. Remove this by using either a philips head screw driver of a 7/32 socket. I prefer the socket. with the screw out, the top half can be pulled free. Using the same screwdriver/socket, you can remove the bottom half of the mount by removing the lower screw. Note: these screws can be quite stubborn with rust from 9+ years of driving in different sorts of weather. I had to use wd-40 on both lower screws.

    Step 3: Removing factory lamps from the factory mounting assembly. Remove the alignment screw and spring. Bend one side of the mount outwards while pulling the fog in the other direction. The peg securing it should come free(see pic) and the lamp should be out.

    Step 4: Placing new fog lamps in factory mounts. Remove all hardware for the new mounts from the lamps, as you will not be using them. Save the two black nuts, as you will need this. Using 2" screws with the correct threads for the black nuts, pass them through the holes in the factory mount where the pegs had previously gone. Secure to new fog lamp by threading into the two nuts. For this to be a proper fit, I used 7 washers and a nut on each side. This allows the lamp to swivel. To secure, you must use a nut on the inside of the mount, and tighten that to the mount. See pics.

    Step 5: Modifying your wiring. I did not want to touch the stock wiring, in case I ever wanted to go back to the factory look. What I did was modify the factory bulbs instead. Remove the bulb part of the bulb, leaving the leads. Sand this leads using low grit sand paper to ensure a good connection, and connect the wires for the new lamps to those using heat shrink tubing. Insulate with electrical tape.


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    any installed pics yet? I may do the same thing with my foglights after i get the bumper repaired. My only concern/question is, do the new fogs sit flush with the "hole" in the bmper, or is there a gap?
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      that was something i did when i first got my car, thought i was the only special one
      -nice write up-
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        To weatherproof the bulb socket wires, Hot glue inside of heat shrink tubing works great. That will work better on keeping the moisture out than that electrical tape. Nice write up though.
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          Ive never seen anybody utilize a fog light bulb like that to make their own wiring harness, kudos for your creativity.

          got pics of installed? I did my proburners a different way.
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            Originally posted by AliasJerk View Post
            Ive never seen anybody utilize a fog light bulb like that to make their own wiring harness, kudos for your creativity.

            got pics of installed? I did my proburners a different way.
            Actually i did mine the same way he did his (the wiring). I hate hacking things up if it doesn't need to be.


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              Anyone else have a problem of the lights aiming way to high. Just installed one side tonight and they're as bad as the high beams.
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                I did the same thing to my Mystique using Pilot fog lights that I got at Autozone for $20. Good write-up!
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                  anyone else crack these lights all the time?

                  i've turned replacing these into an art.. I can replace both, solder the new wires and have them reinstalled in 45 minutes :)

                  I usually get a new set every year
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                    Great write up! Very easy and cheap mod. It looks awesome and makes a big but subtle difference.
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                      Just did this last week and it looks great. Thanks for the how-to, A lot cleaner than the stock fogs.
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                        any1 with these have a night pic with the lights on?
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                          I had to do a bit of modification to mine, they seem to have changed the product a bit, and they look similar, except for the black plastic on the back of the fog light is a different material. I had to drill two new holes in each bracket, because using the stock holes made the fog light too far forward to mount it up properly. The fog light butted up against the cutout before I could tighten the screws down. My main reasoning is that they made the fog lights thicker now, or its because my bumper is an SE and not SVT, not sure.
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                            Hate to bump this but does anyone know bulb these take? I had one burn out for the first time in probably 7 years and don't want to take it apart if anyone knows.