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  • official silverfrost svt thread

    Anyone with silverfrost svt contours lets see some pics! :o

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    Some of the last pictures of mine when it was still all together - shortly after these were taken the car was slightly disassembled and sold...

    you can blame the WRX for the sale... LOL

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      Man I love those headlights and wheels, A+++!


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        No fancy mods on mine, just painted calipers and tinted windows.

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          Looks like you might have Pre-98 sails on there too. Did you paint your calipers "Ford Blue"? I'm thinking about doing that next and i was wondering how they looked
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              Here's mine

              Here's my Uncle's '98
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                  Here's the forum-famous filthiest Contour.

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                  Planning on buying the Xcal from Steeda with their tune.


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                      3 liter, built trans, d2's, blah blah blah



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                        Mods in sig
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                          Very first day I picked it up. (Bone Stock)

                          Pre-98 Rear

                          New Wheels

                          Originally posted by Davo
                          Good work, Dave. You're definitely the #1 interior guy around these parts; always innovating.
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                            I really wish that I could post a pic of my car behind a really nice background like most of you have, but since I have yet to do that, here is my first pic. I am hoping to maybe get some pics taken some time this week, and I will upload 1 or 2 of them if they turn out good. This pic was taken right after I got the car. I have since put Falken Tires ST115 tires instead of the Bridgestone Potenza G009's that were on it when I bout it, and it now has an exhaust as well. Inserts in the side skirts are going to be painted tomorrow and should be back in by the time I upload some more pics.

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                              Reborn on 6-3-07 with:

                              -'00 SVT motor
                              -MSDS headers
                              -Tru-Bendz Borla exhaust
                              -Steeda short throw
                              -K&N filter