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Youtube things.. Help a brother out..

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  • Youtube things.. Help a brother out..

    So with being stuck at home i've had some time to make some videos, do still have the CSVT, and the C30, basically as close as we ever got to a MKII RS/ST in the US.

    content is developing, i think it's slowly getting better. I'm on a real push to monetize the channel now that due to Covid i've lost about 70% of my income. If you got some time, Subs and views, comments and likes would be appreciated, If i can get the channel to start making some money the plan is to reinvest that into the channel and start making some really cool ideas become real, including finishing the AWD swap on the C30, and there may be a US RS in the plans for something i've been thinking about for a long time... and of course CSVT content when i needs love, and when it gets home from the shop for an oil leak, unfortunately it's been there since the Covid mess started and is kinda on the back burner.

    Views and subs are free.. but would be a huge help to me achieving that goal. Help a brother out!!!
    new but have owned....
    1 98 mystique=totaled
    1 99 mystique=Sold
    1 99 mystique-made my G/f buy it cause i wanted my car back

    currently sporting a 2000 CSVT and a yamaha R6

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    It will be best if he can share it on social media as well to gain more views aside from this forum.


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      just subscribed to your channel. Best of luck!