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    JoJo from Ft Bragg CA. '98 Contour. got it used for free. runs fine but blows steam, had water in the oil so I think it has either a blown head gasket or a cracked head, somewhere around cyls 3 & 5. that's where all the codes come from. it still steams after 2 treatments of head sealer, but the oil is no longer creamy and the exhaust water is clean too. had a bad radiator fan switch which was probably the original cause, also a blown (popped) piece of coolant tubing next to the air intake. That tube was once patched with electrical tape that got sucked inside the tube, I pulled some out but I suspect there's more in there. I dread bending over it for a week (sore back) so I'm putting it off till a better muse develops. :)

    Hey if you ever have an arcane piece of rubber duct to replace, high temp gasket sealer and a piece of fiberglass/plastic window screen really works. Hold the broken edges in place with superglue, then wrap the patch with masking tape to get a good press fit, when it's dry, fill any thin spots w/ more gasket sealer. and stay away from Buttercup, that chicks dangerous.
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    I’m new to the forums too. I’ve had my car a little over a year. Mostly stock atm.


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      Welcome to CEG!!
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        Feel free to post some pictures for us.

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