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  • essex st200 estate owner

    how do peeps? im from the uk, my daily drive is an imperial blue st200 estate and im in the process of building a 2.5 v6 powered gtm ballista.

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    Awesome! Got pics of the GTM?
    Your car is uglier than I am! uh...that didnt come out right.


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      so it should look like the blue one but currently sits on top of my shed looking like the white one, it will be mid engined and rwd, ive bought an engine and gearbox for 50 and to add to these ive bought stainless manifolds a t3/4 turbo, intercooler and a speeduino ecu to run it. looking for something like 400 to 450 bhp to begin with but ill buy a spare engine to build up to 600 to 650 bhp and the weight should be under 700kg.
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