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Classifieds Section Rules!

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  • Classifieds Section Rules!

    Hello, I'm Kane from the Classifieds. Hetfield, Matt, and myself can be your worst enemies if you don't follow the simple rules below:


    FYI: If you do not heed the rules below, you will get an infraction! This is to keep track of repeat offenders!
    • You must have at least 60 days since you signed up to post in the classifieds. This isn't anything that a moderator can over-ride, so don't bother asking.
    • Anything "wanted to buy" MUST be labeled with "WTB".
    • Classified ads need to include a price, location, and need to be actual FS or WTB ads, not "feelers" or attempts at auctions.
    • Keep replies on topic of items sold/wanted. Off topic posts will be deleted.
      • Do not post negative comments about an item. If somebody wants $20k from a Contour, let them try. These comments will be deleted. Take it to PMs please!
      • Users that do not follow this rule will be banned.

    • Please keep non-Contour parts in the "Misc" section. Other makes of vehicles for sale are ok in the "Vehicles" section.
    • If you have multiple items for sale, please divide them up in the correct forums!
    • Do not cross post the same item in multiple areas. Cross posts will be deleted and the user will receive an infraction.
    • "Bumping" your post to the top is not allowed. Please refrain from doing so.
    • You must notify a mod, either through a post or PM, if your item is sold/found. Posts that are inactive for 20 days will be locked, under the assumption the item was sold/found, unless a mod if notified. Bumping a post does not count as being active.
    • You may only post eBay auctions if they list price, location, etc, and are only Contour parts. Posting just a link to the auction will be deleted.
    • If you see a problem with a post or person, notify a mod either through the "notify mod" button or send a quick PM.

    Any transactions you complete here are at your own risk. CEG is in no way responsible!

    The forum has been having problems allowing certain users to post once they have 60 days. If you can't post, try clearing your cookies. If that doesn't work, PM one of the classifieds mods.
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