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Lights flicker 97’ Contour

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  • Lights flicker 97’ Contour

    My entire light system flickers at any rpm. There’s a TSB that’s supposed to fix it. It’s been performed in the past before I bought the car. But my light STILL FLICKER!!!! has anyone solved this ??

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    This is typically an alternator issue. I had the same thing and replacing the alt fixed it. Sometimes you may need to go through two or three remanufactured alts before finding a good one (not fun).

    Some other troubleshooting suggestions from the ancient forum here: flickering battery light

    (As an aside, here's how I found that link: Motor and Maintenance TOC and Duratec Maintenance FAQ . This information is going to be reorganized soon so it'll be easier to reach.)
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      I’ve researched the internet to the end to solve this problem. The TSB that’s supposed to fix it has also been done. I have a brand new battery and the charging system has been checked by two mechanics who said it’s strong. All I can read is that it might be the alternator but that’s a huge job that I can’t do and have to pay for install.. I don’t know if maybe it’s just the voltage regulator.. but it would suck to pay 500-600+ for alt and install for it to not fix it


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        The main reason of the flicker is the voltage regulator is unable to steady the voltage at 1 point at low rpm. At higher rpm above idle the speed of the alternator spinning is enough to allow the regulator to be steady in how much voltage is being sent out of the alternator.

        Only way to resolve it is get a pulley to make the alternator spin faster at low engine rpm.


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          My SVT also has flickering lights. Very noticeable while idling. Have a new battery, terminals and serpentine belt. I am assuming the alternator and voltage regulator are on the way out, as it is original to the car. My scan tool does a battery test which passes, but gives me a warning about the alternator when doing the alternator charge test. Atleast new alternators are a very reasonable cost on Rockauto.