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What did you pay for your Contour?

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  • What did you pay for your Contour?

    I paid $700 for a ‘99 LX with 82k miles!

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    I have been looking for one for quite some time now... I paid $6000 in 2005 for a 1998 Silver Frost E0 with 43k miles on it at the time from a dealer. Needless to say I'm looking to fill the void...
    PM me for AUTOMATIC SUNROOF GROUP BUY and lighted sunroof switch mod ----- I am now going to be selling these as they are ordered, so feel free to PM me

    1998 BMW 328i
    Sold 1998 CSVT Silfro w/ 83k


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      Yeah I bought this one within an hour of it being on Facebook marketplace. I knew that was too good of a deal to pass up!


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        $5k in 2001 with 95k miles.

        1995 V6 SE MTX

        Still have it.

        PS, this is my 16,000th post. Yay for me.

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        30 Contour / Mystiques and counting......


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          $6500 58k Miles in 2005
          $4200 82k Miles in 2012


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            3500$ pour un svt 2000 gris projet a finir en 2021
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              Roughly $18,000 brand new off the lot 21 years ago . I still own it with roughly 65k on it , stored winters and barley see’s any rain .
              2000 se sport SEVT V6
              1991 mustang gt 5.0. mods
              2018 F150 XLT 5.0. Ruby red metallic
              2020 Ford Escape Titanium star white paint . 2.0. turbo


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                My original 1998 Mystique Sport was bought from my aunt and uncle for $800 in 2004. It had over 230,000km on the body. The engine had been replaced around 160,000km. They leased the car for a couple years and bought it out. Gave it to my cousin to drive for a year or so and then sold it to me.

                The local Ford dealer had a green 95 GL V6 5 speed sitting in the back wholesale row. I did a straight trade across for the Mystique. I then drove this car for about a year and put SVT wheels, SE skirts, SVT dual exhaust and a bunch of other stuff on this car. While owning it I also picked up another green 95 Zetec 5 speed from a Chrysler dealer wholesale row for $700.

                I think by 2005 or 2006 I had gotten rid of all of them and moved onto Mazda B2200 mini trucks.

                In 2015 I found my 98 SVT. Paid $2000 for it in pretty good condition with mods and only 168,000km. I sold it a couple months later for $3500. Fast forward to April 2021, saw it listed for sale 2 hours away and picked it up for $1500 with 212,000km in a much more sorry state than I had last seen it. $2500 in repairs later so far and here we are again. Currently at 217k and running strong and back to life! Been a very enjoyable summer with it, with lots of work to complete over the winter.