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    My car at the track weighed 2980 lbs with me in it. This was with no back seat, no trunk floor, jack or spare tire with my lighter Corbeaus.

    Honestly I think the Zetec would be good with a 75 shot. My car at 140k, stock block, stock ATX (with the addition of the trans cooler) didn't even hiccup at 70 more HP than stock.

    If you ran an intake, get some exhaust work, and the 75 shot, PROVIDED that you aren't going through a bottle every week I think the car will hold up. Now there are a lot of variables like how well the car was kept up maintainence wise, etc. I say go for it if you are confident in the car.
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      sorry i had to laugh at the last part. ive never felt confident in the car. especially after the scare i got last week out on the highway. it kept shutting down on me. i figured my tach driver was screwed up, so i put it back to stock and had more issues. found my injector harness wires came out of the connector and the connector was seperating on itself. that got me all confused. clutch started it like 8 times in a mile at 75mph, NOT FUN!

      so after that i figure i better replace my timing belt before it tears teeth. other then that, this motor has had great maintenance. running full synthetic and getting oil changes at 3,000-4,000. about to replace plugs even though they arent that old (maybe 15,000 miles) and wires. has new fuel pump and filter but im replacing that soon again. constantly gets mmo or seafoam in the tank. has new oxygen sensors, new maf, new iac, will be getting a new clutch before nitrous, has new halfshafts, new tires (but i want some alloys from some year to stick on it for bigger tires).

      now that i thought about it, what clutches are people running? i can drive any clutch. i have no problems driving like a 6 puck with a stiffer pressure plate like act. i actually prefer a stiffer clutch as stock is too soft for me. but im thinking something along the lines of a stage 2, as im not sure i need a stage 3, but love the feel. ive driven centerforce dual friction, and burned it to hell in my saturn so i will not run one again! ive driven cars with acts, and love them. i thought about spec, but through saturns and mitsu eclipses, i find your lucky if you get one that works fine and doesnt cause engine damage (may be user error????) so if anyone can help with clutch opinoins and places to check on them about for price, would help.
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